AMP’s Creative Services Team partners with agencies and in-house corporate communications representatives on digital media projects for broadcast, online marketing, internal communications, interactive environments, eLearning, and more.

We’re at our best when forging long-term relationships and consistent communication campaigns that make our clients look like the rock stars they are.


Need video production support? AMP provides the crew, equipment, and expertise to make your next video. With the right crew and right gear, our team of experienced professionals come ready to get your shoot rolling. Whatever the shoot, our guys have done it before.

Our Brand Promise

Creative Hearts

Strategic Minds

Hands On Technology

With our hearts, heads and hands we tackle creative puzzles as a community. We stir emotion with motion images, transform information into visuals, and turn the abstract into lasting experiences.

Abernethy Media Professionals

AMP's main offices are located in the heart of Dallas, TX and Seattle, WA, but we consider ourselves a global company. With clients that span from San Francisco to New York, we get our fair share of video chats and airline miles. This means we're uniquely suited to work with you and your team wherever you might be.


4308 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 660-4444

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4626 43rd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 723-3800

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