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Why Corporate Communication with AMP Is Awesome

We build relationships – with you and your organization.

AMP doesn’t do cookie-cutter. We get to know your company’s culture, your immediate needs, and what projects are likely to develop in the future – all so that together, we can create strageically customized video assets that help you reach your goals.

With our broadcast television background and focus on professionalism, the projects we create meet the high quality standards our clients expect. Our emphasis is on storytelling, so our videos convey information in interesting, creative ways that make messages easy to absorb. And with AMP’s flexibility and problem-solving culture, our projects arrive on time and on budget. All of these factors result in an extremely high level of customer satisfaction – and general awesomeness.

Some of our clients

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Areas of Expertise


Whether your target is consumers, franchisees, or potential
strategic partners, we’ve hit that target for our clients before. And
we’re here to help you hone your message into a creative communication that
dazzles – and sells.

Here at AMP we pride
ourselves on really getting to know our clients – who they are, what
their brands represent, and how their culture sets them apart. Then, we
work together to craft media that presents the right message, in the
right style, with the right tone to hit the right audience.

Internal Communications

Communicating your message to your internal audience in a way that
truly resonates with them is a challenge…but it’s a challenge we’ve
worked through with a wide variety of clients. And we can do the same
with you.

We pride ourselves
on creating fun, inventive programming. We’ve used actors, action figures and cardboard cut-outs. But sometimes there’s nothing like hearing news straight from the horse’s mouth.

When your CEO/CFO/Head Genius is the only person who can say what truly
needs to be said, AMP can capture her saying it.  In a studio, in
your facility, at an awards presentation, we get your folks
looking their best and feeling at ease. We respect their expertise, but we give them ours in the form of solid, constructive direction and feedback. It’s a powerful combination.


Need to teach your staff how to build a pizza? To use a new technology? Or the best way to talk to a new customer? From whipping up a batch of “Shrimp Puppies” to building a next-day shipping box, we help clients teach just about anything.

Our videos rally troops and improve skills across the board by mixing a healthy dose of entertainment into the education.

And video offers benefits that in-person training sessions just can’t. Trainees can move through the material
at their own pace, on their own schedule, demonstrating their understanding along the way.
And we can deliver DVDs, compress video for distribution on your
organization’s intranet, or we can arrange hosting/streaming for you.

But don’t ask us to divulge the “Shrimp Puppy” recipe.

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