4 tips on facial expressions and gestures

4 tips on facial expressions and hand gestures in video – AMP Education Series

Did you know that communication is 55% visual? That means your body language can be just as important as what you’re saying. The facial expressions you make and the hand gestures you use on video can either engage your audience… or distract them. So here are a few easy tips to help keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
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2014 Fort WOrth Opera Poster

The 2014 Fort Worth Opera Festival

It’s that time of year again…  Fort Worth Opera recently wrapped on its annual festival and AMP is thrilled to have provided media support in the form of video capture of the entirety of each of this year’s operas.  The footage will be used both for documentary/archival purposes to serve the opera company’s business needs as well as for the creation of short promotional pieces to drive ticket sales and patronage. Read more


The Dirty Dozen Photo Shoot

It’s 2014! Year of the horse and AMP’s 12th birthday! To commemorate, and in the tradition of our annual photo shoot where we recreate an iconic photograph or movie poster, we wanted to do something totally badass. After much deliberation and a lot of coffee, we decided to go with a take-off of “The Dirty Dozen” poster. You might have seen this iconic 1967 war film directed by Robert Aldrich. But even if you haven’t, you can’t deny we rock the look! Read more

The Importance of web Video

The importance of video content for your company

We have a job-status board here at AMP that is covered with videos destined for the web. While we have created original broadcast programs, commercials, internal corporate communications and more, the fastest-growing segment of our work is online branding pieces.  More and more clients are realizing the value of having video on their websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels and other platforms.  Some interesting facts about online video: Read more


5 tips on dressing for video

Every day we get asked all sorts of questions about being on camera. What do I say? How do I act? What should I wear? In our new AMP educational series we will tackle all of these questions and more! In our first video we cover 5 easy tips to look great on camera. It’s so easy, any one can do it. Watch the video then feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

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Pawn of the Dead

5 reasons for companies to support creative projects

Test test test test test We recently wrapped production on the first two episodes of a web series called Pawn of the Dead, a scripted comedy based on the pawn-reality genre and playing to the horror/fan-boy audience.

Many AMPers, and the actors and freelancers that we work with, put in long days and nights (gratis) for this project, and AMP supported it with facilities, equipment, catering, props and wardrobe – not to mention giving it a home for incubation. This was a labor of love (and gore), as I can pretty much guarantee we’ll never make a penny on the project. As a matter of fact, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to augment the budget for the rest of the season.
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