AMP Turns 14: Shakespearean Sonnet

As we approached our 14 year AMPiversary, the crew decided on a Shakespearean theme for our annual photo. We penned the sonnet below to celebrate this milestone. For a group who loves a bit of drama, we had a blast embodying our favorite characters from the Bard’s plays. Try and see if you can name the characters, then scroll down to see how you did!

-Amy Lou Abernethy
President & Creative Director

Creative hearts, strategic minds,
Hands on technology,
This promise, AMP, it does define,
And it we give to thee.

To aid you, client, is our desire
With talents quite considerable,
Our ale, it stokes creative fire
To forge a fine deliverable.

And tho, at times, the job is long,
And a deadline bears upon it.
We’re ne’er too busy to sing our song
In this form known as a sonnet.

If you’ve the spirit, then sing along.
A line per year and going strong!

AMP 14 Macbeth

Lady Macbeth
Amy Lou Abernethy, President & Creative Director

As the President and Creative Director of AMP, you’ll find Amy Lou working meticulously on set and around the office. And if you hear her saying, “Out, damn’d spot,” it’s because she’s working to get your commercial spot on air.

Sandy Abernethy, Vice President

Macbeth was known for being a soldier on the battlefield, and Sandy Abernethy is no different. Except his battlefield is a set, and instead of a sword, he wields the RED Weapon camera.

Trishna Mitra, Digital Marketing Specialist

Trishna represents the skull Hamlet famously talks to in his soliloquy. And as the head and brain of AMP’s marketing efforts, Trishna sure puts her skull to use (like in crafting this page).

Jude Szempruch, Motion Graphic Artist

Just like the real Hamlet, there’s more to Jude than what meets the eye. You’ll recognize his animation and graphic work, but he’s most well-known around the office for his cherubic smile and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Ofelia Yanez, Producer

You probably remember Ophelia as the character promised to be Hamlet’s wife…that is until she drowns. If our Ofelia is drowning, it’s only from all the praise she receives from being a badass producer.

Ian Loomer, Director of Operations

Oberon and Ian could not be more different. Where Oberon, King of the Fairies, is known for causing all the characters to unravel, Ian Loomer, Director of Operations, is the man who brings all of the moving parts of AMP together so everything from the ground up can run smoothly.

Faith Merrifield, Front Office

Puck is the mischievous fairy that transforms Bottom’s head into a donkey’s. You can see Faith’s own magic when she works with crews, vendors, and internal AMP folk to transform the office into an efficient production team.

Haley Esposito, Producer

Titania, Queen of the Fairies, is a force to be reckoned with, much like Haley. It’s almost like the digital environments she creates are made from magic.

Ardis Campbell, Producer

Bottom can be seen laughing, dancing, and joking around, even after his head is transformed into a donkey’s! And while Ardis has her head on straight, she’s still the person on set who brings the same positive energy as Bottom.

Witches (from Macbeth)
Karen Savage, Senior Producer
Frances Peterson, Production Coordinator
Lisa Warner, HR & Accounting

The three witches in Macbeth are often seen as the characters who set the wheels of the story in motion. In the same way, Karen, Frances, and Lisa are essential to getting AMP in motion, whether it’s Karen managing the Creative Services work with clients, Frances overseeing the Camera Crews department, or Lisa, making sure all things HR and finance are running smoothly.


Can you spot Mark Sharon, our equipment manager? We’ll give you a hint: he’s the man who keeps AMP out of hot water by making sure our all of our equipment is in order.

Matthew Gray, Producer

Quite like Falstaff, producer Matthew Gray can be found around the office or on set enjoying a good laugh. Don’t worry, he gets the job done — and done well — but be sure that he’ll be enjoying a glass of AMP’s beer afterwards.

Prince Henry
Jay Bowman, IT Manager

Prince Hal (who later becomes King Henry V) is a conqueror at heart. And Jay can be found conquering AMP’s IT issues (probably with his own craft brew in hand).

King Lear
Bowie DeShazo, Technical Producer

King Lear, the tragic hero, loses both his eyes by the end of the play. Luckily for Bowie (and you), he has both of his and uses them on set to keep your production running smoothly and looking picture perfect.

Melody Martinez, Graphic Designer

Melody, like Shakespeare, brings stories to life…but with graphics instead of words. And just like Shakespeare, her imagination is her greatest asset.

Cory Tice, Editor

Malvolio is most probably recognized for his iconic yellow tights, which transform him into a more lighthearted character. And for Cory, transformation is the name of the game. As an editor, he’s the guy who transforms your project from footage into a video you can be proud of.

Russ Johnson, Senior Editor

The fool is a character who shows up in many a Shakespeare play. He’s known for providing comic relief but also wisdom and insight often missed by others. While you can find Russ cracking jokes as he works, be sure to listen closely because beneath that sharp sense of humor you can find some real editing wisdom.