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 AMP doesn’t do cookie-cutter. We get to know your company’s culture, your immediate needs, and what projects are likely to develop in the future – all so that together, we can create strategically customized digital assets that help you reach your goals. With our broadcast television background and focus on professionalism, the projects we create meet the high quality standards our clients expect. Our emphasis is on storytelling, so our videos convey information in interesting, creative ways that make messages easy to absorb. And with AMP’s flexibility and problem-solving culture, our projects arrive on time and on budget. All of these factors result in an extremely high level of customer satisfaction – and general awesomeness.


Step 1
Your call us. Or email. Or fax…… Or smoke signal.
After we receive your info one of our talented AMP producers reaches out to talk to you about your project. The who, what, when, where why, and how.

Step 2
Your producer takes all of your project information and develops a game plan.  A proposal is sent your way detailing concepts, a look and feel, shooting strategy, timeline, and the overall price. You sign the proposal and we are greenlit for production!

Step 3
Now your producer gets into the nitty, gritty details. Scripts are written, talent is cast, a shoot day is set, the list goes on. Every step is laid out so you know exactly where you are in production.

Step 4
PRODUCTION DAY! Get ready for lights, camera, action.

Step 5
All of your footage is taken back to AMP and backed up across multiple onsite and off-site servers. Your project is set up and your producer sets you up with one of AMP’s amazing editors to finish out your project. With online approval systems you don’t even need to be on site (but you are always welcome!).

Step 6
Delivery. No matter if it’s DVD, web, TV, digital signage, mobile devices,  or more, AMP packages up your final video so you can deliver it to your team in the best way possible.

¡También hablamos español!
AMP le puede asistir con la creación de contenido de video y programas orientados para la audiencia hablo hispana. Ya sean entrevistas, voz en off, o guiones; desde pre-producción hasta edición final, contamos con productores que transmitirán el mensaje adecuado para su empresa multilingüe.


  • Marketing

    Branding. Social campaigns. B2B or B2C. We’ve created and produced marketing campaigns for great clients and we’d love to do the same for you!

  • Internal Communications

    No matter if you are marketing to a customer or to your own company, we have the expertise to get your message across.

  • Training

    Need to teach your staff how to build a pizza? To use a new technology? Or the best way to talk to a new customer? From whipping up a batch of “Shrimp Puppies” to building a next-day shipping box, we help clients teach just about anything.

  • Benefits

    Need to teach your staff how to build a pizza? To use a new technology? Or the best way to talk to a new customer? From whipping up a batch of “Shrimp Puppies” to building a next-day shipping box, we help clients teach just about anything.

  • E-commerce

    Consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. That’s were we come in. No matter if it’s a sales, how to, product, or demo video; we can help you craft the perfect video pitch.

  • Whiteboard

    Are looking for a fun, cost effective way to share a lot of information? Then look no further than our whiteboard videos. They take hard to relate material and boil it down into informative and relatable content.

  • Medical

    We have developed approaches that overcome the unique challenges of video production in the healthcare industry. Our crew are highly experienced and sensitive to the needs of both providers and patients as well as HIPAA regulations.

  • Interactive

    Everyone loves to choose their own adventure. To be the hero in their own story. We work with you and our select programming partners to create unique videos specifically designed for the digital age.

Ready to jump into post?
AMP has  7 edit suites and a team of talented editors, graphic artists, colorists, audio engineers, and post processing aficionados ready to help see your project to completion.


Amy Lou Abernethy

Amy Lou Abernethy

Executive Producer
Karen Savage

Karen Savage

Senior Producer
Ardis Campbell

Ardis Campbell

Ofelia Yánez

Ofelia Yánez

Associate Producer

From CEO interviews, to fun marketing videos, to benefits training, AMP has the right producer for the job.
Let one of our fantastic AMP producers put a quote together for you shoot!

What others have to say


” I appreciate the way they treat our people. They make them feel like stars,  and help them get comfortable on camera. It shows in the final product. They are top notch. We love working with Amp.”

SuzanneBrinker International

“They are very critical of their own work. They are perfectionists on the shoot and it forced us to a new level. I really appreciated their professional  guidance and consultative approach.”

JesseRegus International

” I trust them to give me the best possible product. They present solutions, are flexible and easy to work with and total professionals.”

ClareBaylor Health Care Systems

” They have a great ability to react and be flexible. They gave us an all out effort, in spite of limited time, budget and planning.”

KimFirehouse Advertising Agency

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