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Using Lightboard Video

It’s been a long time since I sat in a classroom for a lecture. These days, I’ve usually got one foot on the learning side and one on the teaching side, but none in an actual classroom.

Nevertheless, I’m constantly looking for engaging and effective ways to teach. That’s what video does, right? Our job is to present messages our clients want to convey — that they want people to remember.

Effective Messaging Infographic

The audiences we’re trying to reach are often vast and sometimes geographically disparate. The messages may be about a new product, a proposed initiative, or set of skills for better communication.

No matter what the topic, we want people to hear it — to listen and absorb, so they walk away having actually learned. That’s where our lightboard comes in. It’s a pretty darn cool update to a familiar, comfortable way of teaching and learning.


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You’ve got your “teacher,” who may be a subject matter expert…or an actor (with a good one, nobody knows the difference).

You’ve got your markers to scrawl out big ideas. And you’ve got the board to write on. This is where it gets good.

Our board isn’t behind the presenter, forcing her to turn her back on viewers – it’s front and center, so she can maintain eye contact the whole time, keeping viewers engaged with her and the information. And check out those colors! The writing pops on the black background and there’s nothing to distract from the content.

And no…she’s not writing backwards — or left handed. She’s writing normally and we flip it in post.

It makes for fantastic learning…but during the shoot, seeing one thing in front of the camera and the opposite on your monitor can create some pretty good “Who’s on first?” confusion until you get used to it. Left is right and right is left. But with a bit of practice, what comes through loud and clear is the information…with a personal touch.

We can also add another layer of technology and interest with graphics. The lightboard can serve as crisp, clean ‘smart’ board where images, drawings and text can be manipulated and animated – none of my professors ever had anything like that! It hits home for auditory learners and for visual learners, it reinforces with imagery for maximum impact.

So, when you have a message to get out — when you really want your audience to learn, we’ve got just the thing for you — no classroom required.


Check out our lightboard technology in action in this video anayltics vlog!

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