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Voices Around the World: Managing Geographical Diversity with Video

June 21, 2017 / in Blog, Karen Savage / by Karen Savage

It’s amazingly easy to get lost in our own working world – what’s going on right here, right now in our own comfy little sphere we know and love – even if a million things are swirling outside of it.

We’re all susceptible to that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ phenomenon.  But when you’re a part of a global organization, that nearsightedness can hinder us – our collaboration, our innovation, our sense of community.

So, what could possibly bridge the geographical diversity, multiple languages, and breadth of experience that could all contribute to making your company a more truly holistic entity?  

Video – your people on camera doing what they do best…wherever in the world they happen to be.

Let the camera travel as proxy for thousands of employees around the globe…and be a conduit for sharing ideas, solutions to common problems, best practices, and company culture.

We’ve seen the benefits with several clients. The value can’t necessarily be measured in dollars and cents (or Euro or Yuan), but the intangibles are priceless.

Looking to connect global teams with video?

AMP is just one click away!

When Texas-based Fluor wanted to highlight the integrated solutions of a joint venture out of Amsterdam, holding it up as a model for successful collaboration efforts across continents, they turned to AMP for a 5-minute video to be shared with their 60,000 global employees. 

Fluor chose to employ a spokesperson of sorts (a fabulous member of their communications department), interviewing several key members of the team to illuminate ideas and experiences that company leadership deemed useful to a broad audience around the world.


These were experts in their fields, devising innovative new ways to work and overcome obstacles…all of which were useful on their project, but can now be scaled across any number of Fluor’s ventures, because they’ve been shared. Teams in Argentina, the Phillippines, and right here in Dallas don’t have to re-invent the wheel – they can build on the learnings from Amsterdam.

A California-based firm hoped for a similar benefit. They wanted to highlight a handful of creative case studies and invited a bunch of superstar employees to walk viewers through their experiences…from Austin, Toronto, and Singapore.

No flashy graphics. No elaborate productions. Just the voices of people within the organization – amplified by the power of video. Personalities shine through. Everyone gets a glimpse into other locations that afterward don’t seem nearly as foreign.  

Closed captioning overcomes language barriers, so good ideas abroad are accessible to everyone.

…and so are quality crews to shoot your video. We’ve coordinated productions with crews in all corners of the world. Logistics take planning, but distance is no obstacle. We’ve yet to find a city we can’t shoot in.

As organizations are navigating an increasingly global society, tools to share learnings, increase efficiency, and bring people together are absolutely invaluable. Video provides an avenue to do just that. It gives us a window into other experiences that just may help us see our own situation more clearly.

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